Dedicated to
investment players
Private equity funds,
and contrators,
Exelmans is an independent audit firm offering a full range of services and personalized.

Founded in 2005 by Eric Guedj and Stéphane Dahan, the firm, its 9 partners and 80 employees, deploy their skills in due diligence, evaluation & litigation, restructuring, auditing and contributions.

Recognized as one of the market leaders alongside the major international networks, Exelmans combines creativity, flexibility and security thanks to a claimed independence . We are a member of EAI International, the International Association of Auditors and Financial Advisors, and we have a network of 2850 consultants in 60 countries. This affiliation is in keeping with our desire to accompany the most prestigious and innovative players in the investment industry well beyond our frontiers.

Exelmans is registered with the Regional Company of Auditors and the "Ordre des Experts-Comptables de Paris" (national society of accountants in Paris).

Trades & sectors of activity

Due diligence

Since its creation Exelmans has worked on more than 2,000 purchase and sale assignments.
They help to secure and streamline transactions.

Valuation & litigation

The art of evaluation takes an increasingly important part in our missions.
Evaluating the securities of a company, the options contained in a Management Package, or even a loss is not a mechanical exercise

Financial restructuring

Supporting business leaders in difficulty or implementing an independent review of business plans are the two facets of this profession.
We have chosen to do it as Chartered Accountants, which allows us to offer solutions in terms of monitoring or restoring accounting.

Statutory Audit

Exelmans signs more than 800 mandates, in compliance with the professional standards resulting from the Commercial Code.
Exelmans relies on a team of 40 people, including 8 managers.
The contribution commission is a separate activity.

We are active on a frequent basis in the following sectors of activity :

FIG (Financial Institutions Group)
IT Services

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