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Financial Restructuring

Exelmans’ Advisory Team is specialized in cash management topics. Thanks to its Certified Accountant Team, it can establish the accounts and set up an accurate monitoring of management and treasury. It operates in the context of in bonis but also of mutual agreement and collective procedures.

It works along its clients to allow them getting short-term financing (Working Capital, CCSF, factor, bank overdraft…). It works as well in long-term financing. The Advisory Team contributes to buy-side and vendors due diligence in the context of Spin off, carve out or sale at the Court.

It independently revues, as part of IBR, firm’s liquidity forecasts to secure its creditors and participates to the negotiations to build a sustainable framework to continue its business.

Your contacts

Eric Guedj

Founding Partner

Stéphane Dahan

Managing Partner

Grégoire Thiébaut

Associate Director


Our lawyer told us about you. Do you have the necessary skills to support me in this time of crisis? How are you going to assist me?

You can’t be well supported if you don’t get deep into your business model. Our financial tools will reflect the origin of your difficulties and the realistic hopes of your recovery. For negotiations with your creditors, we can be a trusted third party at your side that gives credibility to the exchange.

Who is liable for your fees?

All the parties involved in the negotiation benefit from our presence. However, we become more often a reliable advisor for the company facing difficulties, which will bear the costs of our involvement.

What are your pledges of independence to achieve this IBR? What is the quality of your signature?

The motto of our profession of Accountant is “Science Consciousness Independence”. Independence is part of the DNA of our profession and we cannot envisage this type of mission without absolute requirement. If we want to inspire confidence, and this is an absolute prerequisite in the world of companies in difficulty, we must assume our writings and do so on an ongoing basis, even when the discussion becomes complicated. Our firm as a whole, listed in the top 10 players in each of its business unit, was created by two independent people and aims to maintain this value.

If the difficulties were to get worse, could you be my financial expert during the Tribunal hearings?


Yes. We have experience in this area. We collaborate with your certified accountant, in coordination with your lawyer. We are one more weapon to win your fight in audience.