Financial Due Diligences

Since its creation, Exelmans placed Due Diligence business at the heart of its development strategy. It was an audacious bet as this activity was mainly performed by big international companies. Today, this market is much more open than it used to be and Exelmans always keeps its place among top 10 of the market’s major actors.

Exelmans delivers Buy-Side due diligences as well as vendor due diligence. The vocation of our work consists in giving a clear view on the quality of financial information, highlighting the past, present and future key value drivers.

We propose a detailed analysis of the normative Ebitda/Ebit and Net Financial Debt, the two main aggregates on which is based on equity value in the context of a transaction.

Our teams are not organized by sector, but the experience we have accumulated on more than 3,000 projects provides us with an analysis grid that targets the main KPI'S of a large number of businesses, in healthcare, education, FIG, food processing, cosmetics...

Half of Exelmans‘ workforce is dedicated to this job.

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Do you have availabilities for an upcoming intervention? ​ Are you already engaged on this operation, whose code name is “…” ? What is your track-record in this sector?

It is often through these questions that we start a case. We have to be able to adapt our schedule to last minute request. It is also necessary to staff the right profiles according to the criteria of each mission: the sector, the size, the complexity of the subjects… The experience and variety of Exelmans profiles make it possible to deliver tailored advisory…

What is your budget?

This is an inevitable question to which we respond by proposing market rates. The relationship with our contractors goes beyond the simple price. The quality of the support depends on the reactivity, the human relationship both internally and with third parties, the quality of the proposals, ..

What’s the point of doing a VDD? ​

Writing a vendor due diligence often raises a lot of questions. Although the investment bank has shown the attractivity of the company, the entrepreneur appreciates a detailed explanation of its financial KPIs: it is essentially a time saving for the transaction. A good VDD maximizes the price, secures the transaction and anticipates trading points around the normative result and the net financial debt.

Can you build us information on margin levels?

This type of question is common for small structures that do not have analytic accounting. In general, we manage to recreate usable information from what is transmitted to us.