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Valuation et Litigation

Expertise in Valuation became more and more important among the proposed services by Exelmans and has many application fields.

Management package valuation and determination of financial instruments’ interest rates to secure fiscal administration on retained valuations.

Intangible assets valuation in the framework of goodwill impairment settlements.

Company valuation to define an exchange share parity or in the context of a litigation.

Assessing damages for compensation

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Eric Guedj

Founding Partner

Stéphane Dahan

Founding Partner

Richard Dahan



What methods of valuation do you use most frequently? ​

Apart from real estate matters and financial holdings, which may justify the use of different asset methods, the main of our valuation work is based on the method of comparable and discounted cash flows.

What are the main parameters of valuing a management package? ​

First and foremost: volatility. The rate chosen is subject of an adjustment to the actual level of debt of the company studied. Secondly, and to a lesser extent, the potential horizons of exit can have an impact on the valuation obtained.

What tools do you have to establish your comparable?

For the past two years, we have been using capital IQ. We have comparable by sectors segmented by size and geographic area, as well as “betas” used to calculate discount rates.

According to you, what is the first quality of a professional evaluator?


The ability of modelling the business activity, of course We also have our own in-house tools. But if we want the financial figures to respond to reality we need to make a deep diagnosis of the company environment.